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Decadent Deceptions by Keta Diablo

Posted by zebatlasfan on January 29, 2009 at 9:34 AM Comments comments (13)

Decadent Deceptions was written by Keta Diablo (www.ketadiablo.com) and published by Noble Romance.

About This Book:
Decadent Deceptions was a 2008 Molly Contest finalist in the erotica category.

Laura Moreno from yougottareadreviews describes this book as:

"Simply an amazing book."

Daring and desperate to win Morgan?s love, Olivia Breedlove embarks on a reckless folly. But everything backfires when Morgan remains one step ahead of her and the game ventures down a path of duplicity and murder.

A decade ago, Morgan was a heartbeat away from taking Olivia?s virginity. Her father, Thaddeus, intervened and threatened to meet him over pistols if he so much as looked at his daughter again. But now, Thaddeus is dead and Morgan has no intention of ignoring the ravenous hunger he?s harbored for the blasted woman for ten years. One way or the other, he will quench this burning desire and make her his forever.

Category: Erotica/historical, Special Content: Explicit sex and voyeurism


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Shawn Lane talks about Stone of Wrath

Posted by zebatlasfan on January 18, 2009 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)


Today I am going to talk a little about my November 2008 release from Ellora's Cave, Stone of Wrath.

I actually wrote this short male/male romance in early 2008 as a themed birthstone book for EC. The themed stories for 2008 revolved around birthstones. By the time I thought or writing one of these stories myself many deadlines of the birthstones had already passed. But among those that were left, Topaz, caught my attention. I thought of a story where one of the heroes would be named Topaz and indeed had spent many years cursed by wrathful gods as a topaz stone. And thus Stone of Wrath was born.

Fortunately, my editor at Ellora's Cave fell in love with my two heroes as much as I did and offered me the contract for Stone of Wrath.

I knew Topaz, who I invisioned as a hunky, muscular black man, would need to have a worthy hero, so I created Jedidiah Mason, a tall, dark, and handsome (and white) San Diego fireman. Jed finds Topaz as a stone in a burned buildings rubble and is unable to resist messing with the stone. Topaz forms and my two beautiful men begin a hot, steamy love affair. Or are they actually continuing a long-ago love affair? Is Jed Topaz's reborn lover who was murdered by a jealous immortal many years ago?

Without going into too many details, as I hope male/male romance fans will seek to discover the tale of Jed and Topaz's love themselves, Topaz will return to stone form by the end of the month if Jed doesn't find the way to save him.

Anyway, that's my tale of Stone of Wrath. Happy reading!



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